Friday, December 7, 2012


Yesterday I set up a new photoblind at a friends house for doing some bird photography. He has got a number of bird species coming into his yard that I can't photograph at my usual spots. Before leaving to go down to his house I tossed my photoblind into the back of my pick up truck and literally threw a folding camp chair into the back as well. When I arrived and unpacked at his house I discovered a rather dazed Ensatina Salamander on the seat of the camp chair. It was not moving at all. I carefully packed it away into an empty seed container and brought it back home with me. Later I photographed it on a piece of lichen and moss covered bark before I let it go in my backyard. A marvelous beautiful find. By the way it seemed to have completely recovered and was acting like a normal salamander when I let it go. Poor thing. Now it has some wild stories that the other salamnders are not going to believe. God bless, chris

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