Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Waiting for the Moon

Last night there was a "Blue Moon". Normally the definition of a Blue Moon is that there are two full moons in a single month. There is an older definition which is that the full moon is called a Blue Moon if there are more than three full moons in a season. In this case there are four full moons this summer. So tonight's full moon is also a Blue Moon. Now back to the photography. First thing I checked out was whether I would be able to see it rise from my house using a program called "The Photographer's Ephemeris"or TPE. According to TPE it would rise at 7:37p.m. at 99.8 degrees. The program even showed the direct line of sight from my location to the horizon on a Google Earth Map .After picking up a few local landmarks on the map I was able to see exactly where the moon would rise. Then it was a matter setting up my camera and waiting. Things don't always go according to plan. While I was waiting I created some images of the layers of the Mendocino Mountain Range. Then I waited and waited. There was some pretty heavy cloud cover on the horizon so it took the moon almost twenty minutes to rise above it. When it rose it was much higher than I expected above the horizon and it was pretty dim from the cloud cover.Then it brightened as it got higher in the sky. Sometimes you just have to work with what you are given. Enjoy the moon and God bless, chris

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