Friday, June 20, 2014

Hummingbird Week Day 5

This afternoon I ventured out to photograph the hummingbirds with a Petunia plant. It had some beautiful blossoms for the hummers to enjoy. It was a bit windy in the backyard so not quite as many hummingbirds made an appearance as normal. It didn't matter much as there were still enough to have fun with and I really enjoyed photographing them. They in turn enjoyed the free food! God's light and love to all, chris Camera equipment used Canon 7D Canon 100-400 IS (4) Canon 540 EZ flashes set to 1/16th power Camera exposure settings- Manual mode, ISO 200, F Stop F14.0, Shutter Speed 1/200th of a sec. "Secrets of Backyard Bird Photography" by J. Chris Hansen available on Amazon and other fine book sellers.

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