Monday, August 10, 2015

Family Vacation

It has been a long time since our family went on an extended vacation together. With the kids in college and working summer jobs it gets a little bit harder to pull something together. When my brother in law suggested a trip to Costa Rica we jumped at the chance. After a bit of wrangling we pulled the trip together. We flew into Liberia Costa Rica. There we rented a small Suzuki Jimmy. It was a tight fit that barely squeezed all four of us and all of our luggage for the hour and fifteen minute long trip to Hacienda Panilla near Tamarindo on the Pacific Ocean. What was supposed to be a short journey got extended when we missed a turn making it quite a bit longer. With the longer trip we got a good look at the Guanacaste Region. The region was made up of low mountains with a lot of small ranches and a few beautiful streams flowing through. Interspersed through out the mountains were flat lowlands with pastures full of Brahma cows. Costa Rican houses were scattered along the narrow two lane highways that have no shoulders. Almost all had a dish or two on each one. I loved the color bright colors and the flowers planted around them. Arriving at Hacienda Panilla we were directed to the house we had rented with three other families. What an amazing place! It was a Spanish Style Villa with courtyards and patios. A much higher standard than I am used to when I am out taking pictures. I usually opt for a motel six! It didn't take us long to settle in and hit the beach. More to follow. God's blessings to all, chris

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