Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Some Costa Rican Birds

Recently as many of you are aware I spent close to almost two weeks on a family vacation to Costa Rica. Even though it was family oriented I still managed to squeeze in some bird photography. One bird that I really wanted to see on this vacation was a Crested Caracara Eagle. I got to see three and I photographed one of them! What surprised me most about it was that was walking along the roadside hunting for roadkill in the form of grass hoppers that had been hit by cars! The lighting was pretty low but I was just so excited to see and photograph one in the wild. One oddity I didn't expect was the tree ducks landing on telephone wires. I also photographed them on a tree which looked a lot better but it wasn't as unique to me as the ducks on a wire. I photographed quite a number of common species such as egrets, herons and grackles. One of the more common species I photographed was the White Bellied Magpie Jay. The name is quite a mouthful for a really cool looking bird.I also got to photograph Thick Knees and a Broad Billed Heron. Some birds I just documented because I had no clue as to what they were. I really wish I had more time to photograph many other birds that I saw from a distance. There are some pretty amazing birds to be seen in Costa Rica. I think I just barely just barely scratched the surface of what can be found and photographed there. God's love and blessings to all of you, chris All images created with a canon 7D and a Tamron 150-600 exposures and settings varied.

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