Friday, September 11, 2015

Some Call'em Weeds

The past four mornings I have driven with Lenore to work. Every time we have made the turn off of Highway 101 onto Commercial Street in Willits there has been a nice patch of color that has caught my eye as we have made the turn. In the strip between the sidewalk and the road a gorgeous patch of Chicory was blooming. This morning I made the effort to stop and photograph it on the way back home. As I was photographing one of the blossoms a bee came in and fed off of the nectar of the blossom. On my drive home I was thinking the Chicory was beautiful and it had something to give. Some people consider Chicory to be a weed. Aren't we lucky that God doesn't think of us that way? He has the same love for all of us regardless of who and what we are. Like the Chicory we also all have something wonderful to give. What can you give today? chris Image created with a handheld Canon 50D and a Canon 28-105 lens at 93mm. Camera settings used were AV mode, ISO 200, F 11.0 at 1/200th of a sec.


  1. Thank you for sharing all your beautiful pictures.
    God gave us everything. He filled us with His unconditional love and this unconditional love that He gave us must also flow from us so that others would want His unconditional love and in this way change to become His children and be part of His coming kingdom by changing from the way's of this world to His ways by following Him in doing what He requires from us. Blessings for you and your loved ones. God bless.

  2. So well put Johannes. Thank you and God bless.