Monday, December 5, 2016

Splish Splash

Last week when I was photographing squirrels I heard a Robin up in the trees to my right. I ignored it. Then I caught some movement down in front of me. It was creeping around on the ground on the far side of our little garden pond. It was watching and waiting to see if it was safe to come down for a drink and a bath. Birds are extremely vulnerable to attack when they are drinking or bathing because their head is down. A sparrow jumped in ahead of it got a drink. Feeling it was safe the Robin warily came down the slope to the pond. Very carefully I moved my lens down to focus on the pond. I spooked it. Oh rats! The Robin ran up the slope away from the pond. I froze not daring to move an inch. The Robin turned and warily made its way back down to the pond. It would get a drink and then back off away from the edge. This went on for a couple of minutes before it tentatively got into the water. Very slowly it lowered itself down into the water to bath. It splashed around just a little bit and then it would stop and look around. Eventually it decided it was safe and it went at it full bore in a blur of water and feathers. I was clicking away when suddenly it launched it self up out of the water and was gone in a blur. May you have a blessed week, chris All images were created with a Canon 7D MkII and a Canon 100-400IS v.1 lens. #TeamCanon

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