Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Little Green Mossy Monster

I know that "Little green Mossy Monster is a bit misleading for a photoblog title. My reasoning is that the past couple of days I have been photographing birds and squirrels perched on the "Little Green Mossy Monster. It's a perch of which only a small green mossy knob is evident in the images. The knob is part of a thick five foot long section of a tree branch that is covered in moss like beautiful green fur. I picked it up off the side of our road. After I'm done using it for photos I'll put it back. Here are a few select images of a Douglas Tree Squirrel, Chestnut Backed Chickadees and a Steller's Jay. What a marvelous and beautiful world God has created for us. I hope that you are having a great week, chris The techniques used in creating these images were from the book, "Secrets of Backyard Bird Photography,"All images were created with a Canon 7D MkII and a Tamron 150-600 mm G2 lens with a Canon 550EX for fill flash. Camera settings varied. The camera was supported on a ground pod with a Bogen 3055 heavy duty ballhead. #teamcanon, #tamron

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