Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Random Images From Yesterday

One thing it's nice to have handy is a camera. Cell phones have become part of daily life. They are handy for so many things. Checking with your spouse or partner, "Is this the odd looking fruit that you wanted me to buy?" They are also great for documenting a fender bender or capturing that great recipe that you want to try.Cell phones are handy for photographing friends and family. The list is practically endless. I still haven't gotten used to using the camera on my cell phone just because I'm so used to using a regular camera. That's not to say I don't use my cell phone as a camera it's just that I still prefer to use my DSLR for the vast majority of the images I create. That being said I almost always have a camera nearby. Yesterday I looked out at the clearing fog,I ran and grabbed my camera and captured an image of one of my favorite trees a tall broken Redwood in the Little Lake Valley below. Later on in the evening I passed by a dead leaf that I've been saving for an image. I created a set up and photographed it. My bubble mix was nearby and I thought I'd try out a new idea for some bubble photography. The idea failed miserably by the way. Afterwards I photographed a few soap bubbles and I really liked this one.There you have it. Some random images from my day. All of the images were created with a Canon EOS 7D MkII camera with a variety of lenses. God's love and blessings upon your day, chris #TeamCanon

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