Thursday, March 26, 2020

Shelter in Place Photography

Due to Covid 19 we have been ordered to shelter in place where I live in Northern California. This means to stay at home. Today it allowed me the perfect opportunity to go out into the yard and photograph birds from one of my photoblinds. It also gave me time to reflect, think and pray because there can be a a lot of time waiting for the birds to come down from the trees to the bird feeder. After a long wait there were a bunch of Red-breasted Nuthatches that started coming in a constant stream to the bird feeder. They would always land on this one limb before reaching out to the bird feeder. The problem was they kept landing in different positions each time making it difficult for me to compose the image. After close to one hundred attempts on my part, I finally got it right. God's blessings, protection and comfort to all, chris This image was created with a Canon EOS 7DMKII camera and a Canon 100-400 IS v.1 lens at 400mm. Fill flash was provided by a Canon 500EX Speedlight set to - 1 2/3rds stops. The camera settings used were AV mode, ISO 1600, F 8.0 at 1/ 125th of a sec.#teamcanonusa


  1. that's a perfect shot. we have isolation in the uk and I am working from home with a new desk in my conservatory, I am looking out on to the garden and am surprised just how many birds visit that I had just not noticed before. I have a cat but that isn't bothering them, I have seen magpies, doves, sparrows, thrush, blue tit, coal tit.

    1. Betty, that sounds like a perfect work situation.