Sunday, September 20, 2020

Finding My Grandfather in Me

Just recently I restarted setting up the process to digitally record my Grandfather Schwerin's vast collection of negatives and prints. In cleaning out our garage I discovered even more brake boxes of negatives that I had forgotten we even possessed. They were in brake shoe boxes because he owned a brake shop, Schwerin Automotive, on Bush Street in SanFrancisco. It's still in operation today. His collection is a mish mash mix of everything which brings me to my main point. I'm pretty much the same way. Maybe slightly a bit more organized only because I haven't had relatives along the way combing through my stuff and tearing apart photo albums and boxes. His collection is so very much like mine sitting out in our garage right now. His images are in negative sleeves and brake boxes while mine are in slide sheets and slide boxes. Either way it is a beautiful mess.

God's love and blessings to all, Chris


  1. what treasure you have, a photographic history of an era that is gone but can be conjured up and shared. I am keeper/guardian of a small collection accumulated by my brothers/cousin of photographs of distant relatives, most of whom I can't name!

  2. Betty, that's so good to hear. I've got the same problem. Many of these relatives and people will only be remembered by these images. Their names lost in history.