Friday, September 25, 2020

Images From the William Schwerin Collection

Today I really dug in to one of the small boxes of B+W negatives from my Grandfather's collection of photography. I'm in possession of most of the negatives and the rest of his collection is spread across five different families. Which is just a nibble of the whole picture because my Grandfather photographed from before 1920 clear up until the late 1960s. He used a variety of cameras from medium format folders in B+W to 35mm color negatives and slide film. He even used a 110 instamatic for short lived period. He was quite prolific, photographing trips as a young merchant marine to family gatherings and social events. In addition to photography he was quite the entrepreneur. Running a variety of businesses during his lifetime. Schwerin Brake shop that he founded is still in business on Bush St in San Francisco today. Here are some images I discovered today.  God's blessings to one and all,     


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