Friday, September 4, 2020

New Norm

It has now become the new normal that late summer and almost all of fall is the fire season where I live in the coastal mountains of Northern California. It is really hot and dry. People are nervous. I check on Calfire and the local community fan page whenever  I hear sirens or helicopters.  Our phones are all set up for NIXL reports in the case of fires. We have a to go box packed and ready to go in our living room.  Sadly we should have two boxes but like many others we haven't gotten around to getting the rest of it ready.  Hopefully I can finish that after  I finish posting this. Normally we are smoke free but this past week there has been an offshore breeze blowing the smoke from the August fire complex directly to us. The air quality has been thick and unhealthy. Visibility was knocked down to less that a 1/4 mile. At times i couldn't see past the trees in the backyard. I was just a thiock wall of gray.  This morning the ocean breeze kicked in and pushed the smoke eastward the other way. Here are two images I captured of this mornings sunrise over the Little Lake Valley and the Mendocino Range. Both images were captured with a canon EOS 7D camera with a Canon EF 28-200mm lens. AV mode, ISO 800 at F 13.0 .  God's blessings and safety to all the first responders out there dealing with the fires. 

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  1. The colours are beautiful (orange being my favourite perhaps)