Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Morning Drive

My intention was to drive out to the  Sherwood Valley and photograph this large rock with clouds behind it. Before I left I thought I had better grab my other camera with a telephoto lens on it just in case I spotted some wildlife along the way. As it turned out this ended up being a wise decision. The first thing I spotted was a Turkey Vulture sitting on a lichen covered post right next to the road. I pulled up into a wide spot in the road just past it, I got out of the car and slowly walked towards it. I was able to take almost fifteen images of it before it flew off. 

From there I drove out into the Sherwood Valley. Sadly the clouds were not as dramatic as I expected. Though i still took some time and created an infrared image of the rock with some so so clouds behind it.  It's hard to believe that at one time there used to be a town here.
On the return trip just after leaving the entrance to the valley I spotted a large group of Wild Turkeys  in an open area just off the road. I  photographed first from the open window of the car and then stepped out of the car when they moved further down the meadow. The hardest thing to do was to get turkeys isolated by themselves as the flock was so big. There were about forty turkeys in all.

Winding my way down Sherwood Road I spotted a lone Blacktail Deer close to an area called Swampy Gulch.  Local rumor has it that Swampy Gulch was created by the Great Earthquake of 1906. The whole area dropped six feet during the earthquake and then was flooded by the creek. 
Passing Swampy Gulch there was a small herd of Tule Elk feeding on the shoulder of the road. I photographed a spike bull and a young cow. 

I had a great drive with some beautiful sights to see along the way. God's light and love to all, chris

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  1. who would think a wild turkey could be so beautiful - they are quite majestic and you have captured their colours and motion so well.