Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Non Photo Days

The past few days have been non photo days. The vast majority of yesterday was spent dealing with computer issues. I'm donating one of my old computers to Lenore's class room and I had a bunch of photos backed up on it from Bora Bora that I needed to transfer to a back up hard drive. The problem was that my computer wouldn't recognize the drive on the old computer. A lot of time was wasted doing a work around to get the images all transferred. When I finally finished I spent some time cleaning my office which has been a bit neglected and needed some attention.

Today was spent ferrying children to and fro and doing a doctor visit to the dermo to have too much sun in my past burned off of my face. Ouch! When picking up Annika in the afternoon from her "Rock Camp" I saw a pretty cool yellow flower in front of a nearby house and I created a quick image of by adding some texture to it from another image.

God's special blessings to all,


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