Monday, June 28, 2010

What No Studio Lights?

Today I came up with a challenge for myself just by random chance. I was cleaning up my office and I found a pair of sunglasses. Wow, these are pretty cool I thought to myself. I wonder if I could sell them on Ebay. One thought led to another and I thought about photographing them with my studio lights.
Then it occured to me. What could I do with just one L.E.D. flashlight? Now there is a challenge! So I set up a sweep of green reflective wrapping paper on the kitchen counter. I turned off the lights and painted light over the sunglasses as I made my exposure. The effect was pretty cool.

Later in Photoshop I went in and cleaned it up and added my own name to the side of the sunglasses. The overall effect is pretty good for not using any studio lights.

God's light and love to all,


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