Saturday, June 5, 2010


Wednesday night was my daughter Annika's promotion from Baechtel Grove Middle School (where I taught for eighteen years) to Willits High School. Here in the little town of Willits that is a pretty big deal. In small towns a lot of ta do is often made around things that in a bigger city no one takes much notice. I think it's because there isn't much to do sometimes.

Well sometime way back before the big event my dear wife thought I should volunteer to take the pictures at the dance.So naturally I readily volunteered after being beaten into submission with kind words and thoughts of how I would be helping my daughter through life etc.

Well the day of the big event arrived and I went down early with Annika to set up my lights. She was embarrassed by the berry stain on one of my white umbrellas from when I was shooting hummingbird pictures. Aren't teen aged girls interesting.? I just looked right at her and responded. I don't have to do this you know. They could have someone else do it. For some reason she made no response and continued helping me set up my lights.

The shoot went really well. The theme was Hollywood and they gave me some sun glasses to use as props. The kids just kept coming with a few five minute breaks here and there . It was really impressive to see how nicely all of them were dressed. They are all becoming young ladies and gentlemen. In the end I ended up taking close to a hundred a hundred and fifty images. Even the principal of the school stepped in for a portrait when I asked her. I even convinced a few old teaching pals to get their images made.

Overall it was a hit. The pictures were printed at a local store and handed out at a class picnic the next day in the afternoon. The demand was so great they had to go back and have more printed.

God's blessings to all,


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