Sunday, June 13, 2010

Redwood Run

This weekend was the Redwood Run. The Redwood run is a motorcycle run up through the Redwwods on California Highway 101. The run ends at a camping area on the Eel River near Garberville, California. It is held annually on the second weekend in June. The bikers mostly Harleys start coming through the town of Willits where I live on Thursday night. By Friday afternoon there are hundreds of bikers coming through as there are several thousand bikers that partake in the event. The town rumbles with the sound of motorcycles. Outside of the two bars on main street there are rows and rows of motorcycles lined up. This year for some reason there were very few bikes lined up by the bars which I'm sure led to a far safer and sober event.

I only spent about twenty minutes or so creating some images of them as they sped out of town on the highway on Friday morning. It was a pretty cool sight to see as there were so many different styles of Harleys going by.

God's blessings to all,


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