Sunday, June 20, 2010

Painting Flowers With Light

Today was Father's Day and my family spoiled me. The weather was beautiful so we finally got out the new BBQ from the garage where it has been hiding from the rain and fog. This was its first time out and it performed flawlessly to my great happiness. Especially since the last one was a piece of junk and often burned the food as it had some serious hot spots.

While BBQing today I finally took a good look at all the flowers that are blooming in the backyard right now. The roses and the Fox Glove look fantastic. I made a mental note to take some images of them this evening when the breezes settled down. Late evening came and went and the breezes didn't diminish so I decided to do a little painting with my flashlight.

I got my macro lens,trusty tripod and made a couple of images by flashlight. Basically it was just a long exposure during which I brushed the flower with light from my L.E.D. flashlight. Looking forward to doing a deeper exploration in some soft morning light
in the next few days.

God's light and love to all,


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