Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Thinking About Dead Things Again

This morning was dead. Dead in the sense that no birds came to my feeder for over two hours. Being the diligent photographer that I am I only fell asleep once during that time. At least that is by my count. Finally a few house finches came in. None of them however liked my carefully prepared perch as a landing spot. Then the Lazuli Bunting came by just to taunt me with its presence. Once again it stayed just out of camera range. At least far enough out that I couldn't create a fantastic close up of it anyway. I know it was thinking about all those paparazzi that stalk it's beautiful plumage trying to capture its image for the tabloids.

Finally after about three hours I packed it up and headed home. Along the way I spied a Turkey Vulture sitting on a lichen covered post right next to the road. I think it was waiting for a car to run over something so it could eat. Bracing my camera against the edge of the window I was able to get some nice images of it.

As you can see it was a dead day.

God's light and love to all,


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