Saturday, April 23, 2011

My Holy Grail

For the past two years I have been taunted by a pair of birds that I have been unable to photograph. They are a pair of Lazuli Buntings that always just hang around the periphery of the pasture where I have been photographing. I have photographed them numerous times from a distance but nothing ever that makes the bird really stand out in the image. This week they actually started coming to the feeder. The problem was that they would go directly to the feeder and not stop anywhere photogenic along the way. Today was different though. They started stopping on these two rocks for just a second or so before they would go to the feeder. I focused my camera on one rock at a time for a long,long time. My technique worked and I was able to make a few images of them today. They are an incredibly beautiful bird.

God's light and precious love to all,


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