Friday, April 15, 2011

Of Days gone By

Today I spent a long day in the photo blind. It was softly raining and I loved it. The birds sometimes were literally mobbing the feeder. There were a couple of time where there were flocks of over thirty Pine Siskins trying to all feed at one time. Birds were fluttering all over the place.It was great.

Due to the rain the lighting was soft and shadowless which was perfect for doing bird photography. So I spent a long time photographing. When I finally let myself out of the blind it was close to two o'clock. Coming out of the blind is a lot like being in the theatre for a long movie. When you come out you have to reorient yourself to the world. One of the first thing I noticed was an old farm implement from bygone years that sits in the pasture next to my blind. Today my thoughts moved back to when it was used probably over a hundred years ago. Now there it sits rusting away in the pasture.

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