Thursday, May 9, 2013

Stalking the Wild Butterfly

This afternoon when I got home I went into the back yard to check on my bird feeders. When I walked past one of our flower beds a Duskywing Butterfly shot out of the daisies and flew off towards our garden area. I knew it would be back. I went back into the house and grabbed my camera and came back out and set a chair about two feet away from the flowers. I focused my camera on the flowers sat down and didn't move. After about five minutes of waiting the Duskywing came floating by. It circled the Lilac Bush and the settled on a single Daisy flower underneath it to my left. I waited and waited.It fed on the Daisy and then fluttered to the flowers in front of me. I slowly turned the camera downward and when I moved the camera to adjust it a little more the butterfly took off. Once again I sat and waited not moving. The next time it appeared I kept my movements to minimum and I was able to create quite a few images of it on the Daisy flowers.If you read my previous post you will notice that the antennae have the clubbed ends of a butterfly. God's love and blessings to all of you, chris


  1. Great photos of the moths and butterflies. I know well the patience required to get great shots of these magnificent creatures. You should check out the blog I posted on them last January.

  2. Thanks, Brian. Those are some beautiful images as well as a great lesson on the Lord and our talents.