Friday, May 31, 2013

My How To Manuscript on Backyard Bird Photography

For those of you that have been following my photoblog for a long time you know that I have been writing a book. Today I am pleased to announce that my manuscript, "How to Do Backyard Bird Photography" is complete and I am looking for a publisher. The book is a comprehensive guide that takes anyone wanting to learn backyard bird photography on a step by step process on how to accomplish it. In this book you will learn about the techniques for creating professional-quality images, the necessary gear, and the construction and use of feeders,perches,backgrounds and blinds. The book includes detailed images and diagrams that assist you in this purpose. I am looking forward to working with a publisher on this project. If you are a publisher or know of a publisher interested in publishing a How To book on Backyard Bird Photography please get in touch with me. At this time I want to thank my family and many of my followers for your support, prayers and encouragement in the writing of this manuscript.You have been a blessing to me. Sincerely and God bless, chris

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