Friday, May 17, 2013

Yearning to Break the Bonds of Earth

Earlier this week I went down to the Ukiah airport to photograph the B-17 Bomber that was on tour. While it garnered most of my attention I was also drawn to a nondescript, weather beaten old aircraft that was parked not far away on the tarmac. You could truly see it had been a beauty in its day. It looked as though it once again wanted to break the bonds of earth and fly again. Maybe with a lot of work and care it will again. God bless, chris I'm not sure what model of aircaft this is. Any aviation experts out there feel free to chime in. Thanks


  1. My current guess is that it is a trainer. A North American AT-6.There were a number of variants so it could be a different model.

  2. Thank you very much Marc Carson for pointing out to me what aircraft this was.It is a Vultee BT-13 Valiant Trainer from WWII.

  3. Yes indeed that is a BT-13 Vultee "Vibrator" trainer aircraft from WWII