Monday, June 3, 2013

Merrily Humming Along

This morning I finally managed to get in a little hummingbird photography. I have been way too busy lately. For some reason I don't have many hummers this summer. I think it might be that I got my extra feeders up too late. I have only noticed a few Anna's Hummingbirds hanging around when I usually have six or eight with some Rufous Hummingbirds thrown in for good measure.Today it was a bit of a wait and they were slow in coming to the feeder. I kept my ears tuned for the buzz of wings.Most of the time I just waited and waited and would spur into action when I heard wings. The one male Anna's came in several times and I wondered how he could even fly as he was moulting and didn't have too many flight feathers in his wings. I still had a great time and I am looking to doing some more. God bless, chris


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    1. Thank you very much, Oculus. Ireally enjoy photographing hummingbirds.