Friday, March 6, 2015

B.O.A.S. Day

This morning I rose early and left the house after a really quick breakfast. I wanted to get in as much photography as I could for the morning. When I arrived at the photoblind it was covered completely in thick frost both inside and out. This time I was prepared with my wool socks. It was a good thing too because I had a long wait before any birds showed up. I haven't been out there for several days and the birds had cleaned out the bird feeders and moved on so it took them awhile to figure out more food was available after I refilled them. Once the birds did show up however the action was non stop. There were a lot of Acorn Woodpeckers, Dark Eyed Juncos and House Finches with a few Steller's Jays thrown in for good measure. They just love those black sunflower seeds. Just in case you are wondering the B.O.A.S. stands for Bird On A Stick. Below was my best bird on a stick for the day. Image created with a canon 7d and a tamron 150-600 at 450mm. Camera settings used were AV mode, ISO 400 F 8.0 at 1 /3,200th of a sec. The camera was supported by a Manfrotto 190XPROB tipod with Bogen 3055 ballhead.

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