Saturday, December 12, 2015

Sirens Call

On Thursday I had a wild drive to the coast from Willits. Along the way I encountered sunshine, hail, thunder and lightning and heavy downpours that slowed me down to about ten miles an hour due to lack of visabilty. When I arrived in Ft. Bragg the sun came out for about ten minutes and then the rain showers closed in again. The sirens called so I I had driven out to see if I could capture some of the intense surf that was forecast. The surf forecast for Ward Ave. Beach was 24 to 30 feet at seventeen seconds. Upon reaching the beach there were large waves coming in but i couldn't find an angle that I could photograph them well without soaking myself or my camera equipment. I hadn't brought my camera cover so I was stuck.I drove northward to as far as Kibisela stopping at various places along the way to photograph whenever I could find a break in the weather. What a fun and fruitful trip. have a Merry Christmas, chris


  1. Adolescent seagull, or? :) Nice pics!

  2. Isabelle, When it comes to gulls I'm not much of an expert. In looking at my guidebooks I can only make a guess that it is an immature Western Gull.

  3. Awesome photo shots Chris.


    1. Thanks a lot, Marie for the comment. I gave it my best "Shot" as I was fighting the rain and weather. It's still almost always a good trip just to get out to the coast for a little trip.