Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Awesome Anna's

I haven't done much serious hummingbird photography for awhile. Yesterday I dragged out the photoblind into the backyard. I set up a single hummingbird feeder and put up a small slender perch for them to land on. I must say I didn't have a very long wait. The hummingbirds started using the feeder within minutes after I climbed into the blind and sat down. I photographed them for about twenty minutes and I had plenty of images to work with. This year I have had more hummingbirds visiting my backyard than ever before. It's pretty amazing. Thank you Lord for such beauty. Have a great day everyone, chris All images were created with a Canon 7DmkII and a Canon 100-400IS v.1. Camera settings used were AV mode, ISO 1600 F 8.0 shutter speeds varied #TeamCanon


  1. Beautiful images Chris! It has been a bonanza year for Hummingbirds at my house also and I have heard the same from locals posting photos. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing your photography. God bless you and your family.

  2. Thanks so much, Brian, for stopping by and commenting. Interesting to hear that there have been a lot of hummingbirds over in the central valley as well. I have been here since 1991 one and this is the most hummingbirds that I have ever witnessed.On one day there were well over fifty in my backyard. It was just crazy.It has slowed down this week and there are 10-12 of them or so. I would imagine as it keeps getting colder that i will be down to my normal one or two resident Anna's that often stay all winter.