Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Three Birds and a Squirrel

Yesterday afternoon I had a great time photographing birds in the backyard. After restocking the feeders and adjusting the bird perch I settled into our back bedroom to wait behind my widow blind. The window blind basically consists of a window sized masonite board cut to cover the window. There is a hole cut into it for my camera lens. The edges of the board are trimmed in 1"x 2"s and wrapped in old carpet strips to keep the window ledges and the window frame from being scratched up. It isn't very heavy and it is rather easy to take in and out. It is also nice and flat and easily fits behind the bedroom door or under the bed when not in use. Almost immediately the first bird landed just after I sat down. It was a Black Headed Grosbeak. Every year for the past couple of summers a a pair of them have nested somewhere in the backyard. Next came a Steller's Jay and last came the nervous, jumpy Band-tailed Pigeons. Following that the squirrels came and tried to take over because I didn't set up their own special feeder.A good time was had by all. God's love and blessings to everyone! chris #TeamCanon All images were created with a Canon 7D MkII and a Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L is Usm Lens. Fill flash was provided by a Canon 550 EX flash set to -1 2/3rds stops. The camera was set into AV mode , ISO 100, F stops and shutter speeds varied. If you want to learn more about photographing birds in your backyard and haven't yet checked out my book. Please check it out at your local bookstore or most any of the online book sellers. "Secrets of Backyard Bird Photography" by Rocky Nook Publishing. It is available in hardbound and as an E book.

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