Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Attitude is Everything

Ever have one of those days? I woke up feeling kind of grumpy. After spending some time in the photo blind and doing some thinking about God and focusing on photographing the birds I felt a lot better. Nothing really about my day changed externally in my environment it was just an attitude adjustment that I needed to make.Once I made that switch my day seemed a whole lot brighter.
The usual fare of birds came by the blind this morning. The quail actually came by twice much to Badgers dismay. But, none of them went up onto the perches I so carefully put up yesterday. A whole flock of Pine Siskins did come in though and they busily got to work on the finch feeder. in the end I created some nice Siskin, Goldfinch and Titmouse images

God's precious light and love to all,


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