Thursday, March 31, 2011

I Finally Got My Own Hawk

I'll admit it. I have been jealous of my Aunt Terry for some time now. She has had this hawk that hangs out by her bird feeder all winter long. She gets these great pictures of it too. I live in the forest so I get glimpses of hawks when they come by my bird feeders. Today that all changed. I now have my own resident hawk.

I was out at the ranch sitting in the blind and I saw this streak of blue coming into the feeders. All the little birds scattered as there was a Scrub Jay coming in. Suddenly the blue streak was intercepted by a dark shadow. There was a crash as something hit the top side of the blind and then I saw the Scrub jay heading for the trees. I saw a shadow on the ground circle in front of the blind and then something landed on top of the blind. I hit my hand on top of the blind and it didn't move. About five seconds later I heard the fwoof of wings and I watched a hawk land in the trees about thirty feet away. I quickly focused the camera on it and took numerous images of it as it surveyed the feeders. It stayed there for three or four minutes before it flew off.It was a beautiful Sharp Shin Hawk.

God's blessings to all,


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