Sunday, March 27, 2011

Something Other Than a Junco Please

After church got out I looked at the weather and thought why not? The rain wasn't really coming down that hard. After all it's just a drizzle . Within minutes I was headed out to my photo blind on the ranch with one thought in mind. I wanted to photograph something other than a Junco.

It's funny because last year I rarely saw juncos when I photographed there. This year I think they followed my truck down from my house just to keep me company. There are just so many of them. At any given time I can look out and see at least five or six of them around the feeder.

Being in the blind in the rain is a very peaceful, pleasant experience. The sound of the rain on the blind roof blocks out most of the sounds. The silence is punctuated by the birds calling to one another outside or the rare sound of a car passing by the ranch gate on the main road. it's kind of meditative in a way. You get a chance to think about a lot of things.

Today I had a fairly steady supply of juncos that ebbed and flowed with the sporadic flurry of when they saw a hawk or other unseen predator nearby. What was great was that every once in awhile a house finch or nuthatch or a titmouse would slip in. I ended up filling an eight gig a byte card with mostly.. well you guessed it junco images. I did however get some really good opportunities at photographing a White Breasted Nuthatch. In the end I was very happy how one of those turned out.

God's light and love to all,


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