Sunday, January 6, 2013

Call Me Squirrel Man

I was busy working on a hummingbird photography article today so I didn't have much time for photography. I did squeeze a little squirrel photography into the afternoon though. Actually I was attempting to photograph some Mountain Quail but I didn't succeed.They came around the bird feeders several times but wouldn't go up onto the perch that I had set up for them. I was a little disappointed but I'm a little enamored with the Douglas Tree Squirrels so the image I got of one more than made up for it. God's precious love to all, chris


  1. Such a cute little squirrel! I'm sure you'll get a pic of the Mountain Quail soon. I'll be looking forward to seeing it. This photo is terrific! Nice work Chris!

  2. Thank you Judy Chandlee. I keep trying. They are one of the more difficult birds to photograph on a perch because they don't like to leave the ground.

  3. Thanks for your comment Jan Kenneth Aarsund. I'm glad that you dropped in for a look.