Friday, January 25, 2013

Lady Liberty

We awoke up to a slate gray day. I was catching up on the computer when I spotted a tarnished silver dollar that I had placed on the desk a few days before. Naturally I decided to photograph it. While I was working I was drawn to the the beautiful woman depicted on the worn coin.Who was she? With a little research I found out that she is known as "Lady Liberty".The coin is an 1896 Morgan Silver Dollar minted in San Francisco. It was designed by George T. Morgan an Assistant Engraver at the U.S.Mint. The model was an Anna Willess Williams who sat for Morgan as he designed it.I have questions still in my mind. How did he choose her? Did they have a contest? Was she his girl friend? A relative perhaps? This coin would be a great for a novel centered around the coin and all that occurs around it through its life. Oh, that's right they already did that with a Red Violin. God's love and blessings to all, chris


  1. I did some research on Anna Willess Williams and it would make a great novel about the impact of being a model for this coin on her life. Se was an art student and later an educator.

  2. Great shots, especially, especially the last one, I can really see the depth in it. Also beautiful sky, clouds and mountains.

  3. Thank you Ginny. I'm glad you like the clouds and mountains. That is our view of the Mendocino mountain Rnge where we live.