Monday, January 28, 2013

Gone Fishing

Today I went Steelhead fishing up on the Eel River. Like every other spot I have fished on the Eel this one involved the skills of a Mountain Goat to get down to it. The river was clear with a little color making it just fishable. You don't want it too clear and you don't want it too muddy. A new set of skills I'm slowly learning about Steelhead fishing. I had troubles with a snarl on my reel on the first cast.I told my friend Joe he was going to catch a fish now that I was out of the river and he did.Later I watched a steelie come out of the deep and grab my lure right in front of me and spit it out. That was my major excitement for the day as I didn't catch a fish. Joe caught and released one fish and had one on and lost it. Our friend Tom showed up and he had caught and released five fish.I love being on the river in nature with friends. God's blessings to all, chris


  1. I love the reflection in the next to last one and the footprints. A bear maybe?

  2. Thank you Ginny for dropping by today. These are a much scaled down version of bear tracks. Similar in shape as well. These are raccoon tracks along with one barely discernible raven track in front of them.