Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Love is a Rose

Right now the majority of the Northern Hemisphere is in the grips of winter.The Southern Hemisphere is enjoying the summer. Outside my window right now it is cold and rainy so you can probably guess which half of the earth I'm on.I'm still amazed to see that one of Lenore's rose bushes in the backyard is blooming again. It had five blossoms until I picked one to bring inside to photograph it. A perfect day for some indoor flower photography to brighten my spirits.Even if I do have only one flower to photograph! Thank you Lord for the flowers, chris


  1. I am enjoying MY roses too and the temperature is up in the 30's! My favourite are orange so your rose really appeals to me!

  2. Joan, Interesting that you have roses too! This is the longest ever we have had roses going into the winter. Especially with all of the cold weather and snow we have had so far. Thank you for stopping in and commenting.