Tuesday, January 22, 2013

One Frosty Morning

The inland valleys in Mendocino County for the past couple of weeks have been dropping into the twenties. Combine that with clear nights and you get some great frost in the morning. Not what a lot of gardeners want to hear but it's great for photography. Annika and I went in search of frost along Willits Creek over the weekend and we found it in abundance. This morning I got around to catching up on processing some of the images from our adventure. God bless, chris


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    1. Thank you, Carolina Gómez Calbet. I'm glad you dropped by for a look.

  2. Beautiful job!!!! Found you on the featured blogs page for Blogger. (thought you'd want to know !)


    1. Thanks for letting me know, Elizabeth Darling. I'm glad you dropped in for a look and found it to be beautiful.

  3. I'm glad you stopped in for a look, Kemanist. Thank you for your comment.