Saturday, January 17, 2015

Grand Learning Experience

Today was a pretty exciting for me. I have always wanted to learn to weld. I have a lot of building skills and surprisingly welding wasn't one of them until today. I am light years from being an expert but now I have enough knowledge to get me into more trouble than you could ever believe. I took a beginning MIG welding class at WOWSER in Willits and I now feel confident enough to do some simple welding. We were told before class to wear cotton clothing that we wouldn't worry about if it got singed or burned so I grabbed an old camouflage shirt as I headed out the door. During class I had to trade welding masks with someone else. I got ended up with a camouflage one to match my shirt. I looked pretty good. God's blessings upon the rest of your weekend, chris Photo by Jerry Albright. Image created with a Canon 7D and a Canon 28-105 lens.


  1. Cool photo, and yes ,you do look pretty good! nicely done.

  2. Thank you flamur muja for dropping in for a look and commenting.