Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Little City Lights

I love night photography. It is just so cool the way a camera renders car lights as a blur if you leave the shutter open during a long exposure. Cityscapes are just amazing. I love photographing San Francisco at night with the Golden Gate Bridge bridge or the Oakland Bay Bridge in the foreground. Today I had the urge to do some night photography. The problem is San Francisco is a two and a half hour drive south. Then I remembered that they were running trucks at night on the construction of the bypass of highway 101 around Willits. The truck lights would look great under the Willits Arch. I drove downtown and sure enough there was plenty of traffic under the arch for a great image.A perfect little cityscape. Image created with a Canon 7d and a Canon 17-85mm lens at 70mm. On a Manfrotto 3055 XPROB tripod. Camera settings used were AV mode,ISO 100,F 32.0 at 15 sec.

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