Monday, November 6, 2017

Angel's Breath

This morning when I awoke the sun was shining bright and sunny on the foggy valley below. A few minutes later the fog flowed in from the coast slowly covering the trees in the forest around our house. I grabbed my camera and ran out the front door. I headed for my favorite tree just off the end of our driveway. It's a gnarled old Tan Oak tree with one wide branch coming off the side fairly close to the ground. It's covered in lichen and moss and makes a great subject to photograph. I composed a variety of images of it from a couple of different spots. After I went back into the house and processed the images this one stood out as my favorite. God's blessings upon your week, chris This image was created with a handheld Canon 7D MkII camera and a Canon EF-S17-85mm lens at 17mm. The camera settings used were AV mode, ISO 400, F16.0 at 1/13th of a sec.#TeamCanon