Monday, November 27, 2017

Images From a Rainy Day

Yesterday it poured rain off and on all day. Late in the afternoon I decided to photograph some birds and squirrels in the backyard. I did it from the comfort of our back bedroom window so I had a cozy chair and I stayed warm and dry.Our backyard is such a fun place to photograph birds and squirrels. I was using my Canon 7D MkII camera with a Canon 100-400 L IS USM v.1 telephoto lens. It was really dark and cloudy out so I upped my ISO to 800 and I used my Canon 550 EX for a fill flash to brighten things up just a little. Especially the shadows. I had the flash set to minus one and two third stops so it wouldn't be too bright. I photographed in AV mode at F 8.0 to keep a pretty shallow depth of field and too let in a lot of light as it was so dark out. I was really happy with the images that I created after I went through and edited them. I ended up with some really beautiful images of some Chestnut Backed chickadees and one Douglas tree Squirrel. God's light and love upon your week, chris #TeamCanon

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