Wednesday, November 20, 2013

More of an Indoor Day

We are finally getting some much needed rain. This morning I went down to the gym for a work out. When I returned I whipped up a batch of Broccli Soup. Just perfect for a rainy day. Next I photographed a Stink Bug I found near the woodpile. Afterwards I set the wee beasty free and now I'm back to cleaning up in the office. Perfect work for a day like this. God's blessings to all, chris


  1. If I'm being truly honest, I don't really like stink bugs. However, I completely love this photo. I'm really digging the diagonal line of the fern that it is resting on. The composition and balance of this photo really appeals to me. Plus, I never get tired of the details on the insect or on the fern leaf. Gorgeous!

    1. Julie, I fully understand your not liking stink bugs! I really appreciate your comment. I worked at the composition on this image so I love your response to it. Thank you.