Thursday, May 1, 2014

Another Beautiful Sign of Spring

This morning I slept in late. Yesterday was a tough day and I think my body just needed to sleep. I tried some bird photography in the backyard but the light was far too harsh. We are heading closer to summer and the window of good light in which you can photograph gets considerably shorter. Especially if you sleep in! In packing up my gear I glanced over at our ferns. They are busting out with the new growth of spring. They have beautiful fiddleheads which will slowly uncoil to become the fronds of the plant. They are called fiddleheads from its resemblance to the coiled head of a fiddle. I just love the cool spiral pattern. Blessings to all, chris Camera Equipment Used- Canon 7D, 100 mm Macro Lens, Manfrotto 055XPROB Tripod with a Manfrotto/Bogen 3055 ballhead. Camera Settings- AV Mode,ISO 400,F 8.0 at 1/30th of a sec.


  1. Playing the music of the sphere. And spear? Thank you, Chris. I hope you are recovering quickly.

  2. Thank you, brucejamieson42. I just got around to catching up on responses today. Been a bit too busy!