Thursday, May 15, 2014

Puttering About

This morning I had no definite plan. I was puttering about the backyard photographing flowers and bees before the mosquitoes drove me indoors. Just a little bit later Lenore asked me about cutting some wood for an art project she had planned. While I was digging the wood out I found a scorpion. Always a fun subject. After cutting the wood I brought the scorpion into the studio and photographed it on a white sweep. I liked powerful sterile look of pure scorpion. Afterwards I took it out to the forest and set it free. I'm still working on the family computer until at least next week when I can take my computer to the big city to be repaired. It takes a bit longer for me to do things on this computer as I'm not always sure where things are. Working with Photoshop Elements is a big change too compared to Photoshop CC as well. God's precious love to all, chris Camera Equipment and settings- Canon 7D and a 100 mm Macro lens. Flowers and bee AV mode ISO 400, F8.0 Shutter speed varied. Scorpion Two Alien Bee 1600 studio flashes with 30 x 60 inch softboxes. 1/2 power, Camera on manual mode, 1/200th of a sec at f22.0