Sunday, May 18, 2014

Singing Joyously

On Friday I made a quick one day trip up to Arcata to pick up Jay from college. Upon arrival I found out that Jay had one paper left to finish up for his last final. By then it was mid morning so the lighting for photography was pretty bright and flat. With some time on my hands I headed first to the Arcata Marsh. The sparrows there were in the topmost branches of the tallest plants singing their hearts out. After a short tour of the marsh I pointed the nose of the car northward up highway 101 to Trinidad. The normally sleepy little town of Trinidad was full of people! I've never seen so many people there before. I talked to a ranger and found out they were dedicating the lighthouse in a big ceremony. Not one for crowds I didn't stay long and instead headed a short distance up the coast to College Cove. Once there I hit the trails and found a profusion of wildflowers, flying gulls and seals basking on the rocks. It was a great hike before heading back down to Arcata to help Jay clear out his apartment and the drive home through the redwoods. God bless, chris All photography was done with a Canon 7D at a variety of settings and exposures.


  1. Thank you very much, madeinchinawigs. There are an amazing amount of wildflowers growing thee.