Friday, August 15, 2014


Yesterday afternoon I sent sometime photographing Common Buckeye Butterflies on the mint in my backyard. As much as I dislike how the mint can try and take over my backyard it is a great draw for butterflies. The Common Buckeye or as it is more simply known just Buckeye, (Junonia coenia) is a butterfly is found in the Canadian provinces of southern Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, and Nova Scotia and all parts of the United States. It is especially common in the south and throughout Central America down into Colombia.In California where I live it is one of the most common butterflies along the coast.In addition to the Buckeyes I photographed a beautiful skipper butterfly and a very hairy fly species unknown. Have a blessed day, chris All images created with a canon 7d and a 100-400 IS lens with an extension tube for close focusing. Camera settings varied.

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