Friday, August 1, 2014

Thank You!

Living in the forest isn't without its risks. Trees and limbs can fall but the biggest danger especially from late spring to late fall is fire. Currently there are quite a few fires burning in the state of California. One of them many miles to the north of where I live is being fought by Calfire. I wasn't even aware there was a fire until the air tankers from the Ukiah Air Attack Base began flying over my house to drop fire suppressant on the fire. I wasn't sure where the fire was but I knew it had to be a ways north of me because it took them quite a while to drop their loads and return. Yesterday afternoon we did a little shopping in Ukiah which gave me a great opportunity to drop by the airport and watch the air tankers approach, land, reload and take off again. It was over 100 degrees out with barely a breeze rippling the American flag at the airport. I can't image how hot it must have been to be working the fire lines. My hat is off to all of the fire fighters out there. Thank you for all the dangerous work that you do. God's love and protection to you, chris Gruman ST-2 Air Tanker Photographed with a Canon 7D and a Canon 100-400 IS lens. AV mode, ISO 400 exposures varied.

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