Thursday, August 28, 2014

Up the Slough (a continuation from yesterday)

After leaving the nesting colony of grebes on Clearlake I paddled up the slough. I couldn't go very far as it has dried up due to the extremely low water levels of the lake. Still there was a lot of wildlife to be seen. Right after I turned around I watched a doe come down to the lake for a drink. Soon afterwards a flock of geese made there obligatory pass by me. There were a lot of egrets though most of them took off as soon as I got anywhere close to them. This isn't Florida that's for sure. I got to see a nice Green Heron with a great mohawk. Later on I drifted behind some brush and I was able to get the closest I have ever been to a Kingfisher. While waiting on the Kingfisher I got watch a Green Heron capture a frog and eat it. The heron took awhile trying to get the frog lined up with its mouth so it could swallow it. I finished up by drifting with a breeze for a close up with a Great Egret in some beautiful light. I was off the water by ten. Thank you Lord for a spectacular day. Camera Equipment Used- Canon 7D, Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM Lens,Bogen 3055 Ballhead with a custom camera support. Camera Settings- AV mode, ISO 400,F stop and a shutter speed varied. All photography was done from a Ultimate 14.5 Native Watercraft Kayak If you are interested in building a custom camera support for a canoe or a kayak please check out my blog on it at

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