Monday, August 25, 2014

Morning Fog

This morning I woke up eager to get started a bird photography project I have in mind. As soon as I stepped outside I noticed the fog drifting through the trees. What a beautiful sight! I ran back inside and grabbed my camera and put the viewfinder to my eye. Where did the fog go? It was gone in the short time I had taken to go inside and get my camera. Oh well I thought to myself perhaps another day and I went back to work. I hadn't been working for less than five minutes and the fog was back. I practically sprinted into the house to grab my camera. Once back outside I composed a beautiful image and pressed the shutter release. Absolutely nothing happened except for the silence of the camera. Dead battery! I rushed back indoors and quickly put in a fresh set of batteries. By the time I had returned outside the fog had already cleared again. AAArgh! By now I was frustrated and as I headed for the backdoor of the house I looked back over my shoulder to see a wall of fog pouring in from the coast. I calmly put on a pair of sandals and walked down our road. I braced my self against a tree and created the image you see below. Patience, patience,patience. God's precious light and love to all, chris Image created using a Canon 7D and a Canon 10-22 lens at 13mm. Camera settings used were AV mode, ISO 400, F 16.0 at 1/10th of a sec. No tripod was used the camera was braced against a tree.

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